Soles for Sale is a Quick, but Highly Effective Read ! And the Content is a True Alignment of Yesterday and Today`s Society..#Wakeup !!!”

— Educator Cedric Nolen

Soles For Sale without question, Is A Page Turner ! Each character was easy for me to relate to and every chapter left me longing for more. This book is definitely a must read!!!”

— Dunbar High School Varsity Basketball Coach Dex Pierce

Soles For Sale forges a new understanding of the African American experience during the 80s and 90s. The book is a profound statement about the implications of the US position on the African American community. It's a practical book full of glimpses into the lives of community members affected by the drug epidemic. It`s a must read for practitioners and scholars looking to shed light on helping the community, as well as parents and children seeking to prevent their presence in another chapter of any of this country`s industrial complexes. ”

— Mentor, Musician, and Humanitarian Kweku Brian

This is a must read for educators, ministers, social scientists, psychologists, law enforcement personnel and others. Politicians should also read inasmuch as they make the laws and fund the social programs. The Souls of Black & Brown folks, along with Whites, were really sold”

— Dr. Stephen Parker

This is one hell of a book and tells stories that many of us are all to familiar with. It was well written and organized in a way that made it a very easy and quick read. No matter how sales may go or what hurdles you have seen with this, from the bottom of my heart I truly believe you are on to something here and that this is only the beginning! It’s one thing to buy this book, but to read it is where the true worth is! I’m not from Chicago at all but I witnessed EVERY story in this book back home in the P and in Carbondale !  ”